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India has always been the most preferred outsourcing location, because call centres in India offer a wide variety of advantages that other countries can not offer.

According to industry association NASSCOM, India's call centre industry accounts for a quarter of all software and services exports from the country. Indian call centres employ 160,000 professionals. Daimler-Chrysler, British Telecom, Barclays Bank, HSBC, Honeywell, Aventis, and several others have come to India while the old timers of GE, British Airways, Citigroup, Amex, and others have been around for over a decade.
The size of the Indian BPO market is likely to be around $9-12 billion by 2006 and will employ around 400,000 people, ICRA said in its Indian BPO industry report. According to Nasscom-Mckinsey study, the IT-enabled services sector was due to employ 1.1 million people and earn $1 billion by 2008. That was soon revised to $24 billion.

700,000 workers employed in Indian IT outsourcing sector 22,000 jobs being offered to Indian IT workers by TCS $11 billion estimated value of Indian IT industry last year $50 billion targeted value for 2012 35 per cent annual growth over the past five years 40 per cent share of the global market accounted for by India

Source: Nasscom, Times database

  • India has the largest English-speaking population after the USA
  • The government of India has allowed duty free exports of capital goods and has provided tax exemption on the export of ITES..
  • Multilingualism provides greater call centre operational flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Most Call Centres have flexible employment contracts allowing management to gear its labour force for seasonal and market needs.
  • The increasing number of call centre training institutions ensure the availability of a well educated workforce.
  • India possesses a sophisticated state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure and a high level of technical support knowledge
  • The long distance call costs are some of the lowest in the world.
  • Compared to other Asian countries Indian call makers/takers have a highly attractive English speaking accent and live in a western society - thus understanding western culture and language as it applies to customer service.
  • India has one of the lowest cost environments in Asia - it has a competitive wage structure and low campaign running costs.
  • An extremely favorable Indian exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar ie: $US1.00 = 41 INR (a
  • Is the regional business hub for Asia.
  • The people are likeable and India is a great place to visit and do business in.

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